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Pine Knoll Web Mart Print
Written by Alan Fahrner

Pine Knoll Web Mart

Welcome to the Pine Knoll Web Mart.  To use our Web Mart you must first have a free Pine Knoll login.  Once you have that and log in, you will see a "Web Mart" area on the left that will allow you to browse through various categories and select products.

The Pine Knoll Web Mart is a work-in-progress.  We are using a new e-commerce software which will require significant tweaking, and we will be adding more-and-more products as time goes on.

Using our Web Mart requires you agree to the Web Mart Terms of Service during the purchase process.


You will get an order confirmation of the status "Pending" when you go to pay for it.  Until you receive one that has "Confirmed" as the status your order is not complete.

How do I register for a free Pine Knoll login?

Please visit our FAQ that answers this.

Why is PayPal the only payment method?

PayPal is a convenient service that allows us to accept multiple payment types (not just credit cards).  Additionally, since PayPal is a leading industry provider of payment services, you can be confident that they will handle your sensitive payment information securely.  We (Pine Knoll Publications) never have to store credit card or banking information.

If you are a church or organization that would like to order on-line, but arrange payment off-line, please contact us with the request, your Pine Knoll login name, and information about why you would like this option.  If approved, we will enable the "purchase order" payment type for your account.  Please note: this is not a credit option--as soon as you place your order your payment becomes due unless you have coordinated otherwise with Pine Knoll Publications.

Once I've gone to PayPal, can I choose not to complete my order?

Yes.  As noted above, until you get an e-mail saying your order is confirmed, you have not completed your purchase.  On PayPal you have the option to cancel...in which case the only e-mail you will receive is a "pending" one.

Thank you

Thank you for using our Web Mart.  We appreciate you helping us get the good news about God to the world. 

Pine Knoll Forums Guidelines Print
Written by Alan Fahrner

Although we prefer to allow things to be as free-form as possible, history has shown it's best to have some guidelines.  By using our forums you are implicitly agreeing to follow what is outlined below.

  • We do not share the e-mail addresses of our members. If you want to contact another member, please contact a moderator. He or she will forward it with your e-mail address so that the other person can write back (if they choose to). You are free to include your e-mail address in your forum posts — please remember everyone on the web will be able to see it.
  • E-mail addresses that members include in their postings are for personal one-to-one correspondence. They must not be used to add the person to another e-mail list, send out mass mailings (spam), or recruit the member for another forum/mailing list/etcetera.
  • Do not include someone else's contact information in your post. If you want people to be able to contact a third party, please include your e-mail address in your post so that others can request that information from you.
  • The list is moderated. We reserve the right to edit or reject any post for any reason.
  • We also reserve the right to change these guidelines at any time.
  • Do not post chain e-mails/posts.
  • Do not request funds or other types of donations.
  • Although we don't share the e-mail addresses of our members, our forums are not anonymous. Please always include your name in your post. If you don't, a moderator may add it (or delete your post).
  • Posts should be concise; people are more likely to read it if it is.
  • Do not post material that might have copyright issues. Short (attributed) excerpts from someone else's writings should be fine, but please do not send entire documents unless you can show you have the author's permission.
  • Do not post anything negative. Don't write anything that attacks people or the church (any church). A subjective discussion of theological beliefs is not considered an attack (unless the tone of the post makes it so).
  • Please remember that the thoughts of individual posters are their own, not Pine Knoll's or other list members.
  • Please also remember that the written word is imperfect (there is no clarifying give-and-take as exists in a true conversation). Don't assume that someone has just said some terrible thing until you've had an opportunity to ask them what they meant.
  • Forum members participate “at their own risk.” Although they are moderated we cannot promise objectionable material won't make it through.
  • We are always open to constructive criticism and suggestions. Please contact us with your thoughts.
All Audio Resources Print
Written by Alan Fahrner

Below is a list of "current" audio resources available at Pine Knoll Publications. There are some not listed that are available either via our Sabbath School Lessons page, our "old" web site's audio page, or our Archived Audio page.

Please note: This page was made for "convenience" -- the resources included may also available using the links to the left (for instance, "Hebrews" can be found by using the "Book by Book" menu option). Those pages might ultimately be more useful to you.

If you would like to sort by a column in the table below, click on its label and it'll sort in ascending order. Click a second time and it'll be descending. This is a great way to find all the talks by a specific speaker.

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Collection Primary Speaker Added/Updated Link
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Stan and Cindy Strange
Pamella Paulien
Janel Burgdorff and Beccie Mohr
Cecilia, Anja, Anton
Pine Knoll Publications
Latest Talks
The Picture of God in All 66
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Graham leads a book by book study through the entire Bible, asking of every story, teaching, and event, "What does this reveal to us about God?"