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We appreciate your visit to the Pine Knoll web site. This page is where we give credit for materials and work contributed to its creation and maintenance. We also would like to clarify any questions about the proper use of what is found here.

The entire web site is copyrighted by Pine Knoll Publications. We reserve all rights, including ones that we may not specifically mention.

We make audio and written materials downloadable. This is for your personal use and enjoyment only (copies for others are not allowed). Any use beyond this must be approved by us in writing.

All other materials — graphics, text, etc. — are for your personal viewing only. If you would like to use them for any other purpose, you must first get written approval from us.

Linking to our site is not only okay, we encourage it!

Now that we have finished all the legalese, here is what makes the site “happen” along with some additional copyright issues:

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