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You attended the medical ministerial retreat held by Atlantic Union Conference at Camp Berkshire in 1964. I sat thrilled for the five days you spoke revealing a God I didn’t know I was looking for. Hope, hope became a possibility.

I returned to Loma Linda University in 1967 and attended your Sabbath School class unless I was out of town. My thirsty soul drank in the truths you presented. At first it was too good to be true and I argued and fought. Then as its truth unfolded and its beauty became more and more precious

On March 31, 1974 I was talking to a patient suffering with intractable asthma (meaning it could not be controlled) and learned that she believed that her asthma was caused by God because she had had an abortion 19 years previously. Her belief, perfectly in harmony with my previous thinking but totally out of harmony with the truth you had been teaching, horrified me and I responded quite unprofessionally, “My God isn’t like that”! I was embarrassed and ashamed that I had contradicted her and immediately found an excuse to leave the room. An hour and a half later I regained my courage and returned to the room. The patient had stopped wheezing! Dumbfounded, I returned several times that day and evening. No wheezing! We decreased her asthma medication, except the prednisone, and discharged her three days later on a decreasing dose of prednisone.

Recognizing that God was not as His enemies portrayed Him and sensing His love and forgiveness the power of the asthma was broken. This has remained with me for the past 36 years. As patients learn of God’s unconditional love, His complete forgiveness, His total acceptance their lives change.

I praise God for your ministry, Graham. My life went from despair to joy, torment to peace, struggle to rest. Thank you Lord for revealing Your truth to Graham. Thank you for Graham’s ministry.

Harvey Elder

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