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What can I say of Graham Maxwell ... words can not express my appreciation for his message... the simplicity of his teachings... He has led me to understand God much better... Many times I thought that several of my spiritual questions will go unanswered... I've always enjoyed going to church... God always had an special place in my heart; however, there was always a fight inside me... looking at God with my human eyes and the way many spiritual leaders portrayed Him to me... it was very hard to make an intelligent agreement inside me.... I could only quiet my inner discomfort with Deut 29:29 and say to myself... I will ask later all the questions and hopefully I'll be satisfied then...

My spiritual experience never led me to doubt about God and his love for us... I could wait for the time that God could clear everything from my mind... I always like to read spiritual books and had many favorites (Sister White and Morris Venden)... Heard some tapes from a Spanish speaker (Alejandro Bullon) that emphasized the beauty of God's love... but still many of my questions went unanswered.... then came year 2001 or 2002 and I was looking for more resources of Sabbath School and doing a search I found myself with the Pine Knoll page... I like the page that I could download the recordings and put it on my computer and listen at will.... At first it was very hard for me to grasp his concepts (My preconceived ideas were in the way) but I kept listening to Graham... He was solving step by step, many of my spiritual questions... The destruction of the wicked was an eye opening to me... with simple language, explaining many times over and over that we have misrepresented God with our theology that we thought it made sense at one point of our spiritual life...

I called cherry and start ordering tapes that were not on the web... one of the series was a set of 9 presentations entitled "ANOTHER LOOK AT GOD" (A camp meeting), That hooked me on Graham Maxwell teachings... the way he presented our free will.... the destruction of the wicked... everything started to click... then why did Jesus have to die.... it was Amazing to discover how wonderful is the God we serve... I am still learning, but my focus is not anymore on my salvation... my focus now is to represent God the best way possible to other people.... I am not so worry of being saved or not... Now I know that my life is safe with Him... whatever the final analysis of my life is... I'm sure that God did and will do the best for me... If I am in the wrong group I know that maybe I was not safe to be saved... I am not afraid of being lost or being saved... I know my savior and He will chose what is best for me...

Thanks Graham for being such a good friend of God.... Always speaking well of Him... God is very proud of you... pretty soon you will awake and have time to talk to your best friends (God the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit)... Thanks Pine Knoll for making available this wonderful message.

Thanks for the technology that it could be used for a great purpose....

Graham, your works stay here and we can hear your teachings over and over again... Lifting up our Savior is the greatest...

Elmer E. Latorre

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Graham leads a book by book study through the entire Bible, asking of every story, teaching, and event, "What does this reveal to us about God?"