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Dr. Maxwell influenced my Christian experience more than any other individual in my entire life!  A lifelong SDA I was certainly acquainted with all of the fundamental doctrines as well as the all important "relationship with Jesus."  But God was not a personal acquaintance.

In plain and simple terms Dr. Maxwell spoke that God would be "crying over those who chose not to follow Him" and that is when reality finally reached me.  Dr. Maxwell's message that God is not willing for any of us to loose eternal life is so simple and yet so profound.

Listening to the SS tapes for 20 plus years I felt as though I knew the man personally.  Such a kind, loving Christian personality he made me feel as though he was my friend, all the while drawing me to a personal loving relationship with my Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus.  I can hardly wait to meet Dr. Graham Maxwell in person in Heaven and thank him for sharing God's real love for us.

Please convey to his family my condolences and prayer that the whole family will rest in the knowledge of "THE BLESSED HOPE."

E. J. Higginbotham

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