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The lesson on 1 Kings 13 certainly brings back memories of Dr. Maxwell, doesn’t it?  He spoke often of this chapter.  In fact, he wrote a book for children about 1 Kings 13 entitled, Be Careful Who You Trust.  In regards to the prophet in this chapter, the story of Balaam certainly indicates that God can and will use unconverted pastors.  (Indeed, I can’t see how a loving Father could resist using anything or anyone to warn His children about danger.)  I so appreciate the evidence Dr. Maxwell shared about how God doesn’t want us to believe anything or anyone without evidence.  Even Satan comes disguised as an angel of light.  1 Kings 13 makes a distinction between a prophet and a man of God.  From the preponderance of evidence I’ve seen, Dr. Maxwell was a man of God who thoroughly enjoyed doing everything God said – to the last detail.  ;-)

Another verse Dr. Maxwell often spoke of:  “Anyone who has to drink milk is still a child, without any experience in the matter of right and wrong.

Solid food, on the other hand, is for adults, who through practice are able to distinguish between good and evil.” (Hebrews 5:13-14 – Good News Translation).  I suspect one of Dr. Maxwell’s greatest joys will be to learn how what he shared about God inspired others to weigh evidence, discern between good and evil, and trust God with their entire hearts.

Sue Lewis

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