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The Arthur S. Maxwell family first arrived in Mountain View, CA in the late '30s as "Uncle Arthur" came to be the Editor of the "Signs of the Times" Journal at the Pacific Press.  The whole family had just arrived from England and were eating lunch at the Pacific Press Cafeteria and I was sitting at the next table.  They had "artichokes".

Some days later I met the oldest sister, Maureen and the three sons, Graham, and the twins, Lawrence and Mervyn, when they enrolled in Mountain View Academy, where I was a freshman.

The boys were still wearing their English clothes - knickerbocker short pants and knee-high long argyle stockings.  The children fit in with the rest of the students, and we soon learned a bit more of their family customs.

After graduating from the Academy, they went on to PUC.  My parents decided to move to La Sierra, and sadly I went to La Sierra College. But, some time later, Graham arrived in Loma Linda and I was able to attend many of his "noteworthy" Sabbath School classes. I've been a "Pine Knoll" follower for several years.

I am 84 years old, married and a member of the Auburn Adventist Church.  I am President and CEO of Landmark Medical Center, an Acute Psychiatric Hospital, now in its 40th year, located in Pomona, California.

May God continue to bless you all in your worthy ministry.

Marshall Horsman

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