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Sabbath, January 15, 2011

Dear Cherie,

I had intended to reply sooner to your message of Graham's passing, but every time I tried to write down something, it seemed inadequate.  It has taken me a while to process the idea that he is gone, awaiting the resurrection.  His kindness, friendship, and spiritual encouragement were so large it has seemed disrespectful to try to quantify his significance to Mike and I, especially knowing his enormous influence on so many others who knew him better than we did.

Mike and I both watched his memorial service on the University Church's internet site last Sabbath with deep interest.

What I remember the most vividly about Graham was the last time we met.  It was in 2002 when we were returning from Idaho where my family had just celebrated my parents' 50th wedding anniversary.  Mike and I came to Graham's Sabbath School class and sat down.  When Graham saw that we were there, he came over and gave me a huge bear hug.  I felt a very close tie with him as we spoke briefly of how we had both survived our respective battles with cancer.

Graham never let himself be "Dr. Maxwell."  He was always a dear friend, Graham.

Tears are running down my cheeks right now.   This song just came to my mind.  Perhaps it says it all:

"Sing the wondrous love of Jesus, sing His mercy and His grace,...When we all get to Heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be! When we all see Jesus, we'll sing and shout the victory."

An era in the Seventh-day Adventist Church has closed.  May Jesus come soon, and may we all be found faithful and be reunited in His matchless presence.

Please let Rosalyn know that the Lord put her and Graham on my heart to especially pray for them twice daily last summer, and that she and Audrey and Alice will continue to be  in my daily prayers.

With love in our gracious Heavenly Father,

Ann and Mike Jass

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