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I will never forget my first impression of Dr. Maxwell.  I was a freshman at PUC, far from home and knowing very few people and feeling so alone and shy.  I was walking to a class and met him coming toward me.  He smiled that wonderful smile and spoke so lovingly in passing.  I can remember thinking,"I don't know who he is but if Jesus was alive I think He would smile and sound just like this man".  Since I wasn't a theology student I was unable to take a Bible class from him, but discovered about the middle of the year that he taught Sabbath School classes. I discovered that you had to go early to be able to get a seat.  His SS class kept outgrowing the room assigned to him.  They kept giving him larger and larger rooms.  Finally he went to the PUC Prep auditorium.  He was inspiring!  His picture of God is so ennobling and empowering!  I feel very blessed to have access to his thoughts on his tapes and now the CD's.  It is also nice to listen to the ongoing class studies with those who hold him and his knowledge of God in high esteem.  What a huge loss we as a church family have received, but he would be the first to encourage us to go to our God for comfort at this time.  I hope some day to join him at Jesus side and listen as Jesus tells him, "Well Done, you have showed others what I was like.... you have said of Me what is right."

Wanda Mitchell
North Carolina

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Graham leads a book by book study through the entire Bible, asking of every story, teaching, and event, "What does this reveal to us about God?"