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I was very saddened to hear of Dr. Maxwell’s passing.  Men like this are too few in our church.  I had been in the church for more than 20 years when I was given the set of tapes “God in All 66”.  I listened to those over and over.  After listening to just that set of tapes I realized that I had learned more about God in two months than I had in my 20 years being in the church.  And better yet, had gotten to know God as a friend.

The best part of Dr. Maxwell’s teaching is that he always would raise questions and leave you free to come to your own conclusions.  What I believe about God is not because it was Graham Maxwell’s ideas.  I have examined the evidence, they are my beliefs.

I have been and will always be thankful to God for the picture that I have of Him from listening to Dr. Graham Maxwell.

Rob Valente

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